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Tuesday, August 28, 2012 0 comments

it is so hard to think of gifts for women who already have so many collections of bags, shoes, jewelries, scarves, books, etc.
what's even harder is if that woman can easily buy things she wants.

so i thought...what could be that  "something"  which they want to have but can't buy for themselves especially on special occasions..?

my dear cousin  "shiela"  celebrates her birthday every 28th of august. she is one of those women who can easily have all that she wants in a snap of a finger. i know her too well.


then i thought of only one thing. .. and it is exactly my gift for her. . ,

 bouquet of flowers 

especially delivered  on her doorstep...

enjoy your day cousin...!

i love you like a real big sister. you take care all the time.!

continue  to grow old gracefully...!

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achut: growing old gracefully

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 2 comments

          it was the same time last year when i blogged about my sister. i wrote on the subject re  things we do together and why i love, hate and miss her. i got good reviews from friends and relatives. my dear sister loved it so much and it made her cry.
          now, I don’t intend to do it again. i know my sister so much. doing the same thing is not a good idea.

          though, she appreciates simple things and sweet thoughts on her birthday, deep inside, i know what she really wants. i can sense and i definitely can feel. without a doubt, she wants more…from “me” . my sister looks younger than her age. she may not be "too sexy" but she is totally pretty and charming.  if there’s one thing i like about her, it is her flawless,  smooth and healthy skin.
          i learned that she now uses imported brands of skin products. however, i know there is one particular brand that she loves the most.


hydra gentle cleanser
superskin 2
hydra moisturizer
skin lightening soap

my dear sister, I know how much you want these. so I will let these things touch you again



(err...what's your mailing address again? PM me  for details so i can have them  delivered real soon)

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Kiong Hee Huat Tsai...!

Monday, January 23, 2012 0 comments

Happy Lunar New Year! I believe the best way to welcome 2012 Lunar Year of the Water Dragon is to visit Binondo. Yesterday, January 23rd, I woke up early and did 1 hour easy running. After the run, I took a shower , wore red shirt and headed straight to Chinatown.

The CHINOY communities in the Philippines celebrate Chinese New Year in the hope of attracting peace, prosperity and closer family ties.
 The mythological Chinese dragon is the main symbol of Chinese New Year plus the firecrackers that are believed to drive off bad luck.

They prepare lucky money in red envelopes (ampao) ,
display various food and fruits on a table to invite good fortune.

Thus, people gathered on the streets to witness and participate in dragon dances and parade which took place in Chinatown particularly in Ongpin St.

There were loud beats of the drum and the deafening sounds of the cymbals which believed to expel evil spirits. The experience was very exhausting. I had a hard time getting a seat in restaurants nearby. The line was endless but I managed to find a place to eat. Patience is the name of the game. I wrote about it in my other blog. Tiring it may be, but I am not complaining, because i enjoyed every minute of the celebration.

Had a great time taking photos on the street. Colorful parade, smiling people, red was the color of the day.

The best part was when I met the town's mayor "Alfredo Lim" and greeted him
for the successful celebration of Chinese new year.

                                                                 - japol  orona

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defending the caveman

Sunday, January 15, 2012 0 comments

“smoothly comic and unexpectedly sweet”. that’s how I would like to describe the stage play “Defending the Caveman” by Rob Becker. Apparently, it is a celebration of the male and female species. The play humorously deals with the ins and outs of relationships toward the opposite sex. It's not gender wars. It is an enlightening and amusing show that compliments both sexes. After watching it, one will realize the thought of: instead of judging the opposite sex based on each others’ standards, it is possible to appreciate the differences and accept them free of harsh judgment.

i actually missed this play last year. i wasn't able to watch during its 2 runs because i had work on weekends then.  it is only this time that i had the chance and i never wanna blow it again. it is back by popular demand. It is a one-man comedy show which stars Joel Trinidad.

Joel Trinidad delivered a great performance. he provided evidence that he is an accomplished comedian , an expert actor. i am a fan. to prove that i am one, here's my picture with the man...!

Defending the Caveman: “Chaotically amusing! "
                               -  japol  orona

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holiday party

Monday, January 9, 2012 0 comments

Our company hosts an annual holiday themed party .
This year is “Las Vegas casino night party” the usual venue is
World Trade Center Metro Manila located in Gil Puyat Ave. Extension cor. Roxas Blvd. Pasay City , the leading venue in special events.

The setup was complete with casino decorations . Visible are the balloons, streamers and posters with clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades prints

There were roulette, blackjack, poker table around where one can play with professional dealers and roulette spinners who helped teach party peeps how to play.

there were of course the presence of bartenders to offer drinks of all kinds.

we also enjoyed our own "cirque de soleil" show

good food, great music, wonderful people.

                                              - japol  orona

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my passion

my passion